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Software and Process
Development Made Simple

Your organization’s software and processes shouldn’t be more complicated than the problems they’re supposed to solve. That’s why, at ETS, we approach each custom software development and process engineering project with the goal of making it as reliable, affordable, and simple as possible. Even when upgrading from legacy software, we take what’s old and build from it something new, ensuring the transition is as seamless as can be.

Whether coding in Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP, or another language, we strive to make the finished software both easy to use and highly effective at serving the purpose that it was designed for. When paired with ongoing IT management, such software and processes can aid long-term increases in productivity and growth for your organization.

At ETS, we offer comprehensive Software and Process Development solutions such as:

  • Custom software and web applications
  • Process engineering
  • Website and database design
  • Requirements analysis
  • Software security and long-term maintenance

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